Slow Death Metal


Darren Moore - vocals
Frank Brennan - guitar
Pauric Gallagher - guitar
Brendan Roche - bass
Tim Johnson - drums




Rust & Bone - CD/Dbl LP 2016
Formless - CD/Dbl LP 2013
Somnolent Harmony Dbl Cass 2013
A Sullen Sulcus - Dbl LP 2013
A Disease for the Ages - Dbl LP 2008
Split 10" 2010 w/Wreck of the Hesperus
Dust -
Dbl LP 2008
A Disease for the Ages
- CD 2008
A Murderous Circus - 2005
Part 1 - Split 7" 2003 w/Lunar Gate
A Sullen Sulcus - 2002
Dust - CD 2000
Autumns Fires - Demo 1998
Untitled -
Demo 1996



Ireland's doom metal soothsayers, MOURNING BELOVETH released their sixth album, 
Rust & Bone
on January 22, 2016,
Rust & Bone marks a new chapter in the MOURNING BELOVETH tale - transitional, elemental, representing life and decay, the battle between the organic, and the industrial. Forged from rust and bone over nine months and recorded at Skyhammer Studios in six days.

The resulting body of work is - on paper at least - five tracks of music, however, the album is designed to be listened to as one continuous, living piece of music. Having found their stride, emboldened, MOURNING BELOVETH have pushed their own boundaries; utilising a hand crafted acoustic guitar that makes it's presence felt throughout, climaxing in the mournful, yet hauntingly beautiful album closer A Terrible Beauty Is Born, they have also found a comfortable place with their choice of lyrics - both their own, and those borrowed from the likes of Yeats and Beckett. 

With Rust & BoneMOURNING BELOVETH have created something that they're proud to call Irish music; representing their roots, torn from the stomach of the land and forged in the stars of their ideal.

In their 23 year history, MOURNING BELOVETH have now notched up six albums, summed up by Kerrang! magazine as "both malevolently evil and bizarrely beautiful, a balancing act of some consummate skill"; they have also gained a reputation for evocative and at times sombre live performances. 

Rust & Bone
 - Track List
  • 1. Godether
  • 2. Rust
  • 3. The Mantle Tomb
  • 4. Bone
  • 5. A Terrible Beauty Is Born

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