Taken from the Irish language
Means "centre of" or "a place where things collect and gather"
Luggacurren is a placename in the Magh Druchtain valley in the midlands of Ireland where up until the 19th century, magic was an integral part of everyday life.

The wilderness of Magh Druchtain and its surrounding area was reportedly where
the bards,poets, musicians of Tara, the seat of the high kings of Ireland, came to
perfect their art.

Lugga Music Productions was established in April 2007.
Over 15 years working and being involved in many various aspects of music industry in Ireland prompted us to form Lugga Music Productions shortly after our relocation to Spain, where the headquarters is based.

In the past we've had our hands in record label management, tour managing,
CD promotion, band publicity campaigns,concert promotion, tour booking,
artist support, contract drafting, magazine contributions, venue management,
band management, merchandise manufacture, CD artwork design and
many more areas within the music industry.

If you, your band or your record label needs help in any of the above sectors
of the music industry, please get in touch for more details.

We will work with you to help bring your project to full completion in the most beneficial and professional manner possible.

Our Services

CD/Ep/DVD Promotion & Publicity Campaigns
We spread your products amongst the best and most suitable internet, radio and printed media for your release.
Up until 2014 we mainly dealt with physical cd copies but are now using HAULIX online Music Promotion Software.

Compiling an effective Promo/Press Pack for you
A good and informative promo package must include the
basic items like your cd,info sheet and a band photo.
It can then be complimented with any other extra items like
posters,badges,keyrings etc if you intend/want us to sens a physical promo pack.
We will ensure your package leaves our office with
all the necessary info to make the reviewers job as easy
as possible and which in turn can raise the possibility of
getting you a good review.
Getting your songs included on compilation cds and making some
adverts is also a good way to get your name around.
We work with some of the best magazines out there and
will help get a good price for you.

Band Management
If you decide to sign with us to be responsible for your bands management,
we will help out with the day to day running and organising of what
your band needs to get one step ahead of the rest and make
life a little less complicated for you.
Managing a band can be difficult, especially if you are part of that band
so moving responsibility and the taking care of the needs of the band
to a company like us will free you the band up to take care of the
most important part of the band,the creative side.

The management can help you find a suitable record label for your
release, distribution if you are an independent artist, maybe someone
to licence your release,look for the right studio and/or producer,
your travel plans for a tour, even booking you onto a tour
or looking after you on tour.
Management can cover so many areas that you would be
wondering afterwards what made you leave it so long before
you hired someone like us.

Booking Agency
Signing to our booking agency will take care of your live
appearances and help get you playing in venues all over.
They can be single one-off appearances or maybe even a full tour
taking in several cities and countries all around europe/the world.

We work on a contract basis only for live bookings so we
make sure that the promoter,you and us know all the details
well in advance of you arriving to the show to play your gig.
If you would like us to consider adding your band to our roster,

Tour Management
Apart from our own artists tours,Lugga Music is also available to help tourmanage
tours for other Agencies and bands - Please get in touch.

Merchandising & CD/DVD Artwork Design

A band needs artwork designed for their cd inlay,promo/press pack,
t-shirts,hats,posters,fliers,badges,wristbands,keyrings,bottle openers etc.
We'll assist you with the full design and completion of
your product and make it ready for manufacture.
We can even offer a webdesign package
for your band should you need it.




Madrid is The Dark Festival I ,II, & III
Co-Founder - Bookings & Prmotion
European First Assault Tour 2009
Hellish War(Bra)
The Science of Anihilation Tour 2009
Milestones of Misery Tour 2009
Mourning Beloveth(Ire)
Mournful Congregation(Aus)
Longing for Dawn(Can)
The Ethereal Sessions Tour
Mar De Grises(Chi)

Position: Tour Manager/Booker/Driver
See Tour Page

Sentinel Records (Ire) - 2000/2007
Position: Co-Founder/Press Manager

Mourning Beloveth (Ire) - 1995/2006
Position: Bassist/Band Promotion

Emerald Promotions (Ire) - 1999/2004
Position: Co-Founder/Agent
(Now Dublin Metal Events)

Metalworks Magazine (Ire) - 2001/2004
Position: Contributer

Hellfire Club (Ire) - 2002/2004
Position: Manager/Booking Agent

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