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Oceanwake, from Luvia - Finland, have joined Lugga Music Management . Their style has been described as Progressive Death/Doom Metal/Post-Metal with influences ranging from King Crimson to Emperor Absu, David Bowie, Celtic Frost, , Neurosis, Red Sparowes, Ulcerate, Winter and many more. Their sophomore album ‘Sunless’ has garnered much praise in the underground, and with 2 European tours under their belt already to support it, these guys will be sure to make an impact with their upcoming new album ‘Earthen’ due for release on the 10th of March via ViciSolum Productions.


Here is a video for a track from the upcoming album.

About album
On Earthen, we really tried to push the envelope and followed our instincts without limitations. Certain parts of the album might seem a bit out of place at first, but I can guarantee that every second of music serves a purpose.
I feel that even the most unexpected moments still resonate with everything we've done before. This must be the greatest strength of Oceanwake." - Jarkko Mäkelä

About video
"All of us were familiar with the phenomenal music videos Vesa and Harri had shot for other bands. There was no competition, they were our number one choice in the first place. The promotional clip for A Storm Sermon (2nd Movement) was shot at various arctic locations in three countries. We are definitely more than pleased with their dedication to the project and, of course, with the astounding end product." - Eero Haula

Jack Frost recently headlined the Doom Over Vienna festival to much praise.
They are also in writing mode and plan to record some songs at in spring 2017.

14/11/2016 EUROPEAN TOUR 2017
We are currently booking a European tour for Vex for April/May period of 2017. More soon.
The band has had some fabulous reviews and received some notable attention following the PR campaign for their album ‘Skies Exile’.

14/11/2016 ‘Saturn In Ascension’
After a few successful years promoting the album ‘Saturn In Ascension’ released in Nov 2012 which saw them play many festivals,
gigs and tours, the band are now winding down a little to concentrate on writing.
The new album, as yet untitled, will hopefully see the light of day in the spring of 2017.


Mourning Beloveth move to Continental Concerts


Mourning Beloveth have moved on to greater things once again.  Continental Concerts(De) have signed up to band to take care of bookings.
We wish them all the best. Darren had a few words to say.
"We recorded our first demo with Adrian(Lugga Music) as engineer,our first album with him on bass and our first tour. It was fitting that as Adrian and Lugga brought us through his early years with Lugga and as he had done so much for the band while in the band, it just seemed to fit, a near seamless transition to Lugga, by looking after our booking interests. But time and tide and music moves and we all grow, all part of one tree of doom with roots to the center of our creation.

We are moving to Continental Concerts for bookings as we take another step which was started by MB and Adrian, continued with MB and Lugga, and I am sure the roads will converge again as the world gets smaller. Onwards and down, Darren


Lugga Music is pleased to welcome Usa death metallers, VEX to our management team.

We are currently helping the band with Distribution and a European release for their new album ´Sky Exile´ and looking towards some future European dates. The band are currently signed to Eihwaz Recordings(a divison of Bindrune).

Some words about the new album.
Some music is meant to be embraced while on the road, when one's mind converges sound and passing landscape into a singular experience.

Such is the transportive nature of 'Sky Exile', an album of equal parts dynamism and destruction brought to you by Austin, TX death metallers Vex.

As an album purposely composed to unfold itself through repeated listens, one track from 'Sky Exile' is far too brief; nevertheless, enjoy this stream of 'The Cygnus Light', a glimpse of your audial journey to come.

Vex - Sky Exile will be released June 2nd by Eihwaz Recordings.

Mourning Beloveth have also released a new video .
Check out 'A Terrible Beauty is Born' here . Words taken from the WB Yeats poem Easter 1916. Viewer discretion is advised.

On 12th Feb, in Café Aquarium,Linz, Jack Frost screened the new video
for 'Half a Man'. Check it out here

SATURNUS - Webstore online
The band have just launched their official webstore with tour and album
merch available plus previous cd releases. Link

MOURNING BELOVETH had a rather cool interview published
this week in Irish tabloid, The Sun - Link

MOURNING BELOVETH have released their 6th album, "Rust & Bone".
Recorded and mixed in 6 days at the end of September 2015
by Mr. Chris Fielding of Skyhammer Studio and mastered by Mr. Greg Chandler at Priory Studios. Check out a sample here Full article on Band page

JACK FROST release their 8th album `Mélaina Cholé '.Jack Frost’s 8th studio album MÉLAINA CHOLÉ provides an expressive self-revelation on the status of the band in the 23rd year of its existence. Mighty walls of guitars and fragile acoustic parts invent a world somewhere between Doom Metal, New Wave and Johnny Cash, in which singer Phred Phinster recounts stories of an unsuccessful life with indifference and almost amiable naivety. Stream available here


The band are also currently in writing mode for their new album. More soon.

Weeping Silence have signed and released their 3rd album 'OPUS IV Oblivion'
with MASSACRE Records,Germany. See here
Lugga Music managed the band and run a promo campaign to find them a label. We are very happy for them and wish them the best in the future.

Album available at